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IT Executive Service
IT Executive Service

Reduce a cost of hiring multiple experience IT Exec to standby in office.

Peace of mind without IT related issue during business operation

Have your IT team without hiring one
In this digtalized age, an IT team for your company is a must but it will cost you a fortune. By outsourcing IT Exec, this will helps you to have ease of mind to focus on their core business without worried on IT related issue.

With us handling all your IT & technical issues, you can focus on your core business without putting more resources to IT decisions.


A single point of contact , all-in-one services from consult, implement to maintain without worried on technical with consistent efficiency and experience.


With outsourcing, your technology can be up to date as our resources will be trained once a new technology has rooled out.

Cost Effective

Without having to get your own equipment and a permenant team on payroll, your business will be able to allocate extra resources into other matters.

We can help you manage

Server management service for verything server related, getting a new piece of hardware, setting up to maintenance.

Company Chat System

In business, communication is key, and having an internal chat allows your team to communicate and sharing files with ease.

Cloud Storage

Storing your documents on your own cloud, improving efficiency and you can access it from anywhere.


Deliver to you with solutions of the best and most cost effective softwares.

IT Admin

From your user directory, custom emails, domains, to your chat systems, cloud storage, we can do it all!

Digital Admin

All in one services, our IT team can also helps you manage your social media, websites and web apps.

Simple process to our services
Outsourcing IT shouldn't be a worry, we have a few simple process to determine what your business needs.



We meet with you to understand the goals and objectives we can fulfill for you, noting the budget and the equipments needed.



With the details in mind, we propose to you a list of softwares and equipment you needed, and plan out the implementing timeline.



Upon agreement, we start the setup of your software and equipment, and tweaking the sttings to your needs is needed.



After the initial setup, we will be available for you as your IT support whenever you need us.

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