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Smart Home Systems
Smart Home Systems

Provide All-In-One smart solutions for customers where they are able to control, manage & automate all the smart devices within their environment with a single control panel.

Full Smart Solution portfolio for Home users and SMB

Harness the power of automation
With smart home automation, the practical advantages you have over the control of your home is almost endless; most people will tell you that smart home will save you time or provide a convenience to your daily life, it also free up your time for you to focus on events and stuff that matters, making you more productive.

With smart devices connected to the internet, you can control your home using your smartphones or command center; Best of all, you can do it from anywhere.


Enhance your home security with smart locks, alarms, cameras/CCTV, or other smart security devices, making monitoring possible and more secured to getting into you home


Not only these devices are energy effiecient with scheduled turn off, you can also automate your chores by turning devices on using schedule and remote control.


Automatic turning on the lights when it gets too dark, or scheduling your coffee machine to make you coffee every morning, the posssibilities for convenience are endless.

Types of Smart Devices

Smart Light Bulbs, Smart TV, Smart Plugs, and others smart appliances.

Command Centre

Control hubs, Smart Speakers, AirCon Controller and Smart Infrared Blaster


Door locks, door bells, CCTV Cameras, Alarms and Smoke Detector


Smart robot vacuum, Air Purifier and Water Purifier

Support Devices

Network mesh, Network Attached Storage and Cloud system


Smart cooker, Coffee Maker, Smart Kettle, Water Dispenser, Smart Fridge, etc.

Available Products
lightbulbSmart Lighting
videocamSecurity Cameras
lockSmart Locks
doorbellSmart Doorbells
settings_input_antennaIR Blasters
settings_remoteControl Hubs
outletSmart Plug / Switch
routerNetwork Mesh
sensorsMotion Sensor
connected_tvSmart TV
cleaning_servicesRobot Vacuum
Basic Deal Package
Covers the basic needs of a smart home

A Command Hub / Smart Speaker

Universal Infrared Control

Network Mesh

3 Smart Light Bulb

Smart TV

Google Chromecast

Robot Vacuum

Security Camera

Smart Lock

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